2PM Nap Time

My family and I took my godmother to the Boca Beach Club. I know, super fancy. Of course the hotel was beautiful and the room was washed with white and sunlight.

But of course, after taking a good look of the suite, you seem to appreciate the comfort that the room (or any bedroom or hotel room) tries to achieve. With eating a massive Cuban lunch, there was only one thing left to do, try the bed. The bed was comfy and the sheets has that fresh linen hotel pressed smell.

More sooner than later, we all fell for the curse of the bed. Right now, I can hear my mom and my dad snore.

But even with the noise of their breathing, I am finding comfort. This is definitely what I need after a crazy week. I need to just slow and calm down. Oh yes, a nap would be perfect.

I think the ultimate formula for me for a great nap is cool bed sheets + soft pillows. If you have a cuddle buddy that’s a BIG plus too.

So what is your formula for a great nap? 


Happy napping!

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