First Impressions: Boca Beach Club 

I went to Boca Raton today to drop off my godmother at her conference at the Boca Raton Resort. I thought to myself, “This is a great place! Why not share my first impressions about it?” Here we go…

First off, once you enter the property area you immediately see the big PINK buildings that you will know as Boca Raton Resort and Club. I didn’t want to take a picture of it, because it really reminded me of overwhelming pink flamingos that are about to attack me. And yet, although the pink was overwhelming, I found it very chic and different. We didn’t realize that this was actually the wrong area that my godmother was staying in. She was actually staying in the Boca Raton Beach Club which is about a 7 minute drive out to Ocean Boulevard. It was also a part of this massive property.

My dad told me that this resort is a Waldorf Astoria Resort. Apparently, Walforf Astoria resorts are very known for their “upscale and luxury accommodations in the world’s top destinations” (I just Googled that). Yep, I guess this place is pretty fancy. So we dropped off my godmother’s luggage to her comfy room (See previous post about Nap Time) and went around and explored the area.  And here is what I found:

Dining Area

Very impressed by their upscale and modern decor. I absolutely adored the yellow and white and sunny theme that’s going on here. Plus you got the beautiful view of the beach when you eat here.

Go down the dining area and you will see the beautiful patio! If you’re too cold from the A/C indoors and want to enjoy the beautiful & humid Florida weather, you have this option!


Our group headed down the grand stairs to walk out towards the pool and beach. I always love having a pool and a beach side by side. If I want to not have sand in my bikini, I can always swim in the pool. Once I am relax and don’t give any care, I run towards the beach and enjoy the waves. You see a diverse group of people enjoying their time in the beach. Whether they are kids playing in the sand, older women reading romance novels, teens playing beach volleyball or couples on their honeymoon, you’ll always be entertained in this area. The resort definitely had a great access to the beach. While we walked, I appreciated Florida weather just for a little bit. It really was a perfect day to go out to swim or tan.

Serendipity 3

My family and my godmother wanted some ice cream! What’s good about Boca Beach Resort is that there’s a shuttle that takes you from the different properties. I looked up “ice cream” on Yelp and was surprised that Serendipity was actually inside this resort (not to mention one of Iron Chef Morimoto’s sushi restaurant is also located here). We went inside and I couldn’t help but admire the lighting!


From where we ate our ice cream, you can see some people bringing in their yachts to enjoy the sandbar. My brother kept talking about how “live” it is to be there. You can definitely hear the loud party music from where we stand. Boca Beach Resort I believe has a yacht that can also take you there, if you’re a guest of course. We saw one of the resort’s boat coming back with a bunch of people wearing beach wear, holding some drinks in their hand. They looked like they had a good time! My parents started to talk about how we should rent out a yacht and do that. I told them, “in time Mom & Dad.” I’m going to list “party at a sandbar with a yacht” as a part of my bucket list.

Overall, this place is pretty upscale, but not necessarily it’s guests. If you live in Miami and want to have a mini staycation or want to have a weekend getaway, you should consider the option of staying here. Of course there are other amenities that I haven’t seen from this resort, like the spa. But that doesn’t mean that you can explore that yourself!

Final thought: 

I can’t believe that this fancy resort is right here in my own area.

All photos were taken with my new iPhone 6 (which I am currently loving!) & edited using VSCOCam.

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