Hawaii: Day 1 (Arrival)

Travel to Hawaii

My flight to Hawaii was very eventful. I was able to watch movies that I have never seen on theaters, thank you Delta! I watched The Book of Life (but I didn’t finish the ending), Cinderella (amazing movie!), and Into The Woods (now I get it why people say it dragged on, and on). Other great news was that I passed my NCLEX. Yay! I’m officially a nurse now! I also caught some episodes of The Big Bang Theory and I will not apologize for my poor attempt at stopping laughter while I was on the plane. I met really nice people who helped me lift my luggage (darn, I need to go to LA Fitness more). Although I missed my flight to Honolulu and had to reschedule (due to a late arrival), my travels were safe and surprisingly peaceful. BUT, with all of my thinking, I realized how SCARY AND AMAZING IT IS TO BE ON A PLANE. I mean seriously, I really trust people to fly a plane with hundreds of people, then multiply that to the fact that there’s probably another hundreds of planes in the air. Now I know the importance of being a air traffic control officer or even a pilot! During my travels, I also realized the ultimate CON of being seated in the window seat (which was my preference, since I can lean on the window to sleep and watch the view), having to ask people to wake up from their naps or bother them so you can pee! Yup, unless I’m seated next to my family, I’ll definitely consider taking the edge seat from now on.


Pearl Harbor view

Updates on Projects…. 

Project: Redefining Me

During the wait for my NCLEX scores, I realized how much of an impatient person I am or have become. I always want the “quick results” and that goes to show my fear of the future and the lack of faith that I have in myself and God. When I finally received my scores, I questioned myself, “Why was I in such a rush? Why did I feel that it was unfair that I got my results later? Is it because I felt that I deserved to be treated the same? Were my expectations too much?” I learned that I need to more trust to God, that after I have done my best, He got the rest. I also learned that I need to “calm down,” be patient and believe. If a random dude and lady from the plane had believed in me that I will make it to my next flight to Hawaii, although I had only 15 minutes to get on my plane, why not me? Why can’t I put the same faith that people have in me to myself?

Lesson Learned: Be patient & have faith in myself. 

When I got to Waipahu (a former sugar plantation town) aka “Mini Philippines,” I was greeted by my relatives on my mother’s side. Mind you, I have only met 2 of my relatives from this side of the family. And yet, I am amazed by the hospitality that they have expressed towards me. Who am I but a distant relative who decided to go to Hawaii and needed a place to stay? I have never received so much sincerity, kindness and generosity. I’m still in awe. The definition of hospitality is, “the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.” But no, this is not just a friendly reception. My thoughts, “I cannot believe that they treat me really like their own OHANA (Yes, I need to start using what I learned from Lilo & Stitch). They had a big family and they gathered everyone for dinner to eat and to introduce me to the family. But yes, this arrival truly redefines my definition for family and it has humbled me and showed me what true kindness is. They made sure that, although they have never met me, that I wasn’t left behind and that I was always meant to come here, even for just a short while.

Lesson Learned (I will take this from one of my favorite movies): “Ohana” means family, and family means no one gets left behind (even if you’re a distant relative/stranger) or forgotten. 

Project50Series: Honolulu

I can’t wait to start this project! I’m definitely prepping up my gear for today, since we’re going to the zoo for a concert. The family also planned to take me around the whole island of Oʻahu and go surfing (very nervous). I’m also on the hunt for the ultimate Mochiko chicken recipe. I’ll post some pics when I can by the end of my days!

I need to go back to bed, I woke up to the sound of my new alarm clock at 4 am, and there’s no off button. But it’s good to know it snoozes automatically every 5 minutes. 

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