Hawaii: Day 4 (Aloha Friday!)

Wow, what a packed day! Now I know what Aloha Friday is!

Ala Moana

I started my day by having brunch at another amazing hole-in-the-wall called Andy’s! They specialize in healthy eating and amazing sandwiches. We fell in line before the rush came in and got our orders. I got a Ahi Melt. This thing is the most delicious tuna sandwich I’ve had so far. Inside contained smoked ahi, with melted white american cheese, baby sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots. Full and packed of flavor and the sandwich was very very filling.

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Tuna Melt

I then was dropped off to Ala Moana Center. This shopping plaza was big. It’s the first time that I’ve seen so much designer stores from Prada, Coach, Louis Vuitton, and so much more. I’ve never held a $300 pair of shades, and for some reason I felt that in this busy place, money seemed so transparent (more on this on Project: Redefining Me). I had a very successful shopping day and even bought some souvenirs from local shops or boutiques for my family & myself: Local Motion, Cinnamon Girl and Sand People. I got a cool red tiki shot glass for my brother, some tank tops, and other knick knacks for friends. When I got hungry, I ate at this little Tokyo area and had takoyaki! Takoyaki is this Japanese seafood pancake ball. Delicious! (See Project50Series: Honolulu for photos below.)


Karaoke Time

I had an amazing end to my Friday by going downtown to Wang Chung’s & AirPark. These two places are amazing karaoke bars. Although I got too much share of litchi shots and martinis (deadly drinks), I still managed. Here’s some photos from last night!

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Cucumber Melon cocktail!

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Wang Chung’s

Updates on Projects… 

Project: Redefining Me

Money is transparent. What makes a $300 pair of sunglasses better than a $10 one? Is it the brand or the name? And why are people so hung up on it? Labels. From the clothes we wear, to the people we see. We always like to label things. Like when you label your own self. It causes big identity crises and even wavering self-esteems.

Lesson Learned: Your value is not based on your “label”. 


While shopping, I also met these cool, beautiful ladies. I really enjoyed talking to them and it made my shopping day. Again, Aloha attitude follows me here everywhere I go. They reminded me that support and relationships from people that you may “pass by” is important. We need to support each other in our passions. The first girl (I can’t believe I forgot her name) supports my blog. She really has a sweet heart and she’s a cool individual to talk to. She commented that I look like a local here in Hawaii (I’ll take that compliment!). Erika (the second pic below) creates her own jewelry (follow her Insta @birdsnest_co) and I’m totally loving her jewelry! Keep at it gurrrl!

Lesson Learned: Passion is sparked by an inner light, lighted by the matches you have and continues to burn by the oxygen that surrounds it. 

_MG_6263 _MG_6291

While at the karaoke bars, I realized that I’ve locked up myself in my house a lot, especially during college. The demands of nursing school calls for sacrifices. I’m lucky that I’m able to still have fun. Which even sparks my drive to continue to travel, meet new people, explore the world and have fun.

Lesson Learned: Enjoy life. You deserve to have fun. 

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Aloha Friday!

Project50Series: Honolulu

I had a great time shooting today! These are my favorites!

_MG_6260 _MG_6300

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