Hawaii: Day 5 (Markets & Mai Tai)

What another eventful day in Hawaii! Tons of shopping at the Farmer’s market for more souvenirs! To celebrating International Surfing Day by watching people surf (hahaha, I don’t know how YET!) and also going to the Night Market!

Farmer’s Market

This was definitely one of the biggest farmer’s market I’ve been to. I had maybe 30 minutes to shop for things to bring over to the mainland. I was happy when I finally found it: Lilikoi Butter! I was sad I couldn’t buy anymore because I ran out of cash. Other than Lilikoi butter for my family, I also got some Honey Macadamia Nut Butter for my boyfriend, caramel for my dad, and mango jam for my friends. I also enjoyed some Li hing mui lemonade! After the farmer’s market, my aunties and I grabbed some Acai bowls. I was blown out of the water by the freshness of this!

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Li hing lemonade!
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Acai bowl! 

Surfing Day 

To celebrate International Surfing Day, I went to go with my auntie and her friends surfing. While I didn’t surf… I just surfed my way and had some Mai Tai instead and enjoyed the sun. But I did catch a cool pic with the statue of Duke Kahanamoku. He was the pioneer man in modern day surfing. He brought surfing to the mainland, an Olympian and a model to all surfers. After watching people surf and the waves, I’m going to consider and maybe learn how to surf in my own time. Let’s see how the scene is back home.

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After surfing, I asked my Auntie Benah to find some mochiko chicken to eat. I still am on the hunt for the recipe for this. I got confused because we went to a Korean place to order mochiko chicken! I expected a panko tempura style mochiko chicken, based on my experience in an Orlando Hawaiian restaurant. But according to my aunties, simply battered is the way that the locals make their mochiko chicken. In this platter, I also enjoyed the meat jun (only in Hawaii folks)!

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Mochiko chicken & meat jun combo 

Honolulu Night Market

During the night, we went to the Honolulu Night Market. This event is held every month and food trucks & vendors come to sell their goodies. I was overwhelmed by the shocking amount of people in this event. I was also at this belief that this event is as big as it is! I mean there were so many different types of stores! From clothing, swim wear, jewelry and other accessories. This night market did not disappoint. There were some really really cute and EXPENSIVE bikini and jewelry. I had to really limit myself in what I buy here before my credit card breaks in half.


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I was also able to take a quick peek at a fashion show from a designer AND I got to meet Yelp Hawaii! I also enjoyed some Kahlua latte popsicle too from a stand, yum!



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Updates on Projects…

Project: Redefining Me

There are so many ASIANS here. Throughout the day, I could not help but notice that the Asian population here in Oahu is the majority. Definitely a big switch from being the minority in Miami. I was just strolling around by the food trucks and I just can’t help but make that observation. I felt that I was not unique at all here. I am the norm, and I don’t know how to feel about it. Well I guess it bothered me. Was I used to being the minority in Miami? Why did I feel so small here in Hawaii? It all goes back to yesterday’s topic of identify and value. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be popular. I said, “I want to be like them.” (Insert Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World”). But the feeling I got today was really different and I realized more that I like being me. I don’t need to be anyone else or strive to be “like the in-crowd or cool kids”. Invincibility comes with being normal. And I don’t want to be invincible.

Lesson Learned: Dare to be different. Dare to be you. Dare to be me. 

Project50Series: Honolulu

I saw some pretty cool things today. Lot’s of market and street-like photography.

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