Hawaii: Day 6 (Final Day)

Father’s Day

I want to take a moment and greet my dad a Happy Father’s Day! I’m pretty sad that I couldn’t be there to honor you and celebrate it with you. But I hope you did have a great day. Thank you dad for your continuous love and support. I miss you so much! 


Today, I was finally able to taste the famous malasadas from Leonard’s! It was absolutely amazing! Soft, fluffy and just the right amount of sweetness.


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After malasadas, I celebrated Father’s day with my hosts at MonkeyPod. I finally got a loco moco. Although it was not the “original” or “traditional style” I was still able to appreciate it at this restaurant. A loco moco is a Hawaiian meal that includes white rice, topped with a hamburger patty, egg, and gravy. While eating, i felt that the flavors of food here in Hawaii are better flavored. I’m thinking it’s because of their salt, or maybe it’s magic.

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Alan Davis

After taking a good and restful nap, my Auntie Benah and her friend took me to go to Alan Davis Plank at Waimanalo. We drove through beautiful scenic spots and mountains. When we got to our stop, we had to take a short walk down the trail to the secluded beach. Once you’re in the secluded beach, you have to walk up to get to Alan Davis plank. I couldn’t help but admire the amazing view! The waves were hitting the rocks, intense blue skies, and a cool breeze.  It’s a good thing that tourists have not started to abuse and misuse this beautiful area, I hope that it stays like this.


I mustered up all my courage at the moment to jump at the cliff (more on Project: Redefining Me). And it wasn’t as bad as I thought! The waves were a little rough though and you need to be really careful when climbing up and down those rocks! I had a really really awesome time here. If you happen to be in Hawaii, you should get a local or a friend to take you to this place, but make sure you’re safe!

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After heading out of the cliffs, we drove to Waikiki to catch the sunset. It’s such a bittersweet feeling that this was my last Hawaiian sunset for a while. But, I’m keeping my hopes up that I’ll be back sooner than later 🙂 I also had dinner at an Asian restaurant called Side Street Inn. All the food we got there was delicious; hands down one of the best fried rice I’d ever had was there.

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Updates on Projects… 

Project: Redefining Me

One of my biggest fears is falling and I suppose you can put heights in that same category. So while being at Alan Davis, I got really really nervous for my jump, or jumps. We all have fears and no matter how hard we try to avoid it, sometimes it’s better off facing it. I learned that I need to believe in myself and take a big leap of faith. What good is it if we let our fears get in the way of having a fulfilling life, or even just having good fun? While I was on the edge, I kept on overthinking when there isn’t really anything to think about, you really just got to do it! It’s very applicable in our problems and facing our fears. I wonder what other fears do I have that I have not faced yet. Here’s to little wins! My dad just reminded me: Courage does not exist without fear. 

Lesson Learned: Just count to three and JUMP!

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Project50Series: Honolulu

What a beautiful and bittersweet day of shooting here in Hawaii. I’ll definitely come back here for another visit.


_MG_6531 (1) _MG_6498

I’ll do my final thoughts & reflections on my trip to Hawaii tomorrow. I’ll also edit the photos for my Project50Series: Honolulu! But for now, I need to pack for my next trip 😉 

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