You Had Me At Aloha

Hands down, this was such an amazing trip. It was definitely a great beginning to all of my future travels.


I bought a hat that said: You had me at ALOHA. And it’s definitely true. Hawaii was definitely paradise. When I first got off the plane and the flight members greeted me with a big Aloha. All the way from my departure, the aloha attitude definitely resonated in all of the people that I have encountered with in the island. In my previous posts, I mentioned that the “aloha” is a welcoming greeting. But during my stay here in Hawaii, I felt embraced. I was more than welcomed, I became a part of the island and I felt that I belonged. 

Strangers, friends and your own family should be treated with an aloha attitude. You welcome them into your lives and form a good relationship. The problems and trials you face every day should also be treated with an aloha attitude. From my previous post “(aloha) is both a greeting to a happy day, see-you later in hopes of seeing each other again in the future, and a goodbye to your worries.” Aloha is putting the happiness of others first, before yourself. It’s a selfless greeting and parting. 

The shaka symbol was also another thing that I’ve embraced. While the symbol originates from surf culture, the shaka represents many things from friendship and happiness, to gratitude. 


During my trip, I was able to live like a local and that’s all thanks to my aunties, their family and friends. I went to Waikiki beach, I watched a ukulele concert at the zoo, I climbed the pillbox, went cliff diving and ate so much great food. Oh yes, I’ll definitely miss the food. But I’ll also miss my family (thankful that I’m finally able to meet them), the view, my experiences and the people. 

Oh Hawaii, I hope I see you again soon. But there are other places to see and to jetset to. For now, this is Jea setting out on another adventure. Mahalo Hawaii, until we meet again. #JeaTheJetsetter


Updates on Projects…

Project: Redefining Me

Here’s a summary of all the lessons I learned here in Hawaii.

  1. Be patient & have faith in myself. 
  2. “Ohana” means family, and family means no one gets left behind (even if you’re a distant relative/stranger) or forgotten. 
  3. Live simply and enjoy the little joys in life. Don’t worry, be happy. Have an Aloha Attitude.  🙂 
  4. Throw up the “shaka” symbol whenever you’re thankful or mad. 
  5. Explore your horizons. It may be tough, but the higher you strive and hike, the better the view. 
  6. Your value is not based on your “label”. 
  7. Passion is sparked by an inner light, lighted by the matches you have and continues to burn by the oxygen that surrounds it. 
  8. Enjoy life. You deserve to have fun. 
  9. Dare to be different. Dare to be you. Dare to be me. 
  10. Just count to three and JUMP!

One quote that I came across during my trip was “Travel often. When we get lost we tend to find ourselves.” This is very true on so many levels. And now, I’m so adamant about exploring new places and cultures. Because while we discover something old and something new, we also discover a little bit more about ourselves. Exploration of the outside world is an excavation of your inner self. I’ve definitely learned so much about myself and life during my stay.

Now it’s time to set my journey into something old, my hometown Manila. I wonder what lessons I’ll learn there. 

Project50Series: Honolulu

I’m almost done selecting my photos for this project. I’m a little conflicted as to whether or not I should keep these photos in color or black&white. But since I’m doing a series of these photos, I’ll do it in both.

I want to make it in black & white in order for the viewer to look at my work and imagine the colors themselves, especially when there’s people in it. There’s also a similarity in people that I want to capture through black and white. Although color embraces diversity, there’s something elegant, classic and emotional about a black & white photo. It also resonates a memory and past. I guess I want you all to picture yourself in the black & white photo and paint the colors yourself. Come and travel with me through what I experienced, but make it your own. 

As for color, I want to still keep the beauty of the view or scenes. It’s what makes a city or place so beautiful and unique. Simple.

Well I suppose I have made my decision. My Project50Series will be both, according to my digression.

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