Manila: Shopping & Friends

I went to go to Alabang Town Center (ATC) to go shopping today. There were a few stores that I really wanted to hit up, especially after following their Instagram accounts or seeing them online. My Tita Wendy informed me that ATC is bigger and better than before. When I walked in, I noticed that they carried a lot of American & international labels in their stores. For instance, Benefit Cosmetics has its own huge spot in the mall. There’s also Cotton On here. But I told myself while shopping, if I can get it back home in Miami, I wouldn’t get it here. 

So I first went to Sunnies. I’ve been following their Instagram for months now and I love their sunglasses! I got a little too excited, so I bought 15 pairs of sunglasses (the sales reps couldn’t believe it, I know me either.). But not just for me, I definitely bought them to take them home! The glasses we’re around P300-500 ($6-8) each. Since this is a local brand, I really wanted to share it with my friends back home or maybe stack up and use it as Christmas or birthday gifts. I can’t wait to give theseeee! They’re absolutely cute!

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Next, I stopped by Plains&Prints. Ever since following them on Instagram, I loved their prints and sense of style. It’s very artistic since each line has a theme. What was even better is they had a sales rack. When I got to the store and took a look at the material of the cloth, some of the material wasn’t comfy at all. To be frank, their chiffons tops are hard and some of their cotton was really rough. I wanted to drown it all in fabric softener. But I was lucky to find some pieces that were comfy and cool for the weather (which is HOT HOT HOT & HUMID) and it was on sale! At the same store, HappySkin, a local makeup brand was also there and I got some really cute lippies!

My aunt & I started to get hungry for lunch and we went to Krazy Garlic to eat. I loved their Thai inspired chicken salad (Krazy Garlic Salad). But the highlight was their 40 Clove Garlic Chicken. Oh boy, the fried chicken was crusted in garlic and it sits on top of this garlic mushroom gravy. It was delicious and packed full of flavor! We were too hungry so we couldn’t grab a picture of it. But if you happen to come across this restaurant in the Philippines, you definitely must try it.

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After eating lunch, my childhood best friend, Angel walked in. We both didn’t recognize each other at first (Instagram & FB doesn’t do any justice). But we hugged each other and we squealed like little girls. It’s really has been too long. In the first 3 seconds of being together, we’re already laughing. Yes we do grow up, but we’ve never grown apart. We walked around ATC and caught up with our lives.


After shopping, we went to Blu’s (Angel’s best friend) house so we can find a place to eat dinner and grab a few drinks. We all went to a Korean BBQ place called Rodem Farm & Garden. They had a P300 ($6) per person deal for their all you can eat BBQ. I couldn’t believe it. This place is located at area called Aguirre, which is a strip of food places, bars and more food places. The food at the restaurant was great, we even had unlimited meats and appetizers and one of the servers cooks the meat for you (which is different in America: The bbq places there is self-served). After eating, we went and had drinks down the strip and went to a karaoke bar (what is it with me and karaoke?). In the karaoke bar (we went to Turtle’s), you rent out a room at a flat rate per hour and depending on the food and drinks, it comes as a package deal. So we spent about $20 for 2 hours with onion rings, tokwa’t baboy (tofu & pork) and beers, as a package. And after a night of good fun reconnecting with my best friend and getting to know new ones, I went back home.

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Updates on Projects… 

Project: Redefining Me

While I was catching up with my bestfriend Angel, I remembered the happiness that we exhibited as we hugged each other. It’s been 4 years since the last time I saw her. It’s hard being away from each other. But what’s good about us is although we don’t talk and see each other for long periods of time, we still click together. But while traveling, especially by myself, it’s hard to make plans to go out when you don’t have friends. I understood that it’s important to learn how to be sociable and to be open to meeting new people and planting new friendships. I’m happy that Angel & her best friend were able to accept me into their group. There’s no more fear of judgment. Only a common goal of having a good time and forming good relationships with one another. Cheers to new friends!

Lesson Learned: Welcome new friendships. 

Project50Series: Manila

Here’s some RAW images of some of the photos I took so far. Long way to go for 50!

IMG_6633 _MG_6615

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