Project50Series: Manila

Thanks for waiting! Here is my series of photos from my stay in the Philippines, mainly from Manila. It was definitely a vibrant place and there was tons of things to see! Hope you enjoy these photos!

Project50Series is a challenge project that I started up to do during my trips as Jea The Jetsetter. Rules were: 50mm lens & 50 photos. 

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

MNLW-6592 MNLW-6593 MNLW-6604 MNLW-6609 MNLW-6633 MNLW-6677 MNLW-6690 MNLW-6699 MNLW-6751 MNLW-6778 MNLW-6782 MNLW-6786 MNLW-6813 MNLW-6818 MNLW-6844 MNLW-6848 MNLW-6871 MNLW-6872 MNLW-6897 MNLW-6899 MNLW-6959 MNLW-7050 MNLW-7075 MNLW-7076 MNLW-7077 MNLW-7093 MNLW-7095 MNLW-7100 MNLW-7101 MNLW-7110 MNLW-7111 MNLW-7112 MNLW-7113 MNLW-7123 MNLW-7135 MNLW-7138 MNLW-7146 MNLW-7147 MNLW-7152 MNLW-7160 MNLW-7174 MNLW-7242 MNLW-7247 MNLW-7267 MNLW-7313 MNLW-7318 MNLW-7325 MNLW-7329 MNLW-7343

See you soon Manila.

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