Big Groups & Headshots, oh boy!

What a night. I took my own advice on my previous post, “Family Portraits” on how I tackled last night’s big group photoshoot. I was a part of a dance group at my university. Ever since I took up photography, I’ve been the photographer for this group. Last time I had a photoshoot with a huge group of 25 or more people, it took me about 3-4 hours of shooting time, from the group photo to the headshots. This year I cut my time in half, spending a max of an hour and 30 minutes for the whole shoot. I couldn’t believe how efficient I’ve become.


But of course a couple of things didn’t go my way when I arrived to my shoot location (this was not a good sign after a 12-hour shift at work). First, I forgot my extension cord at home, which means my lighting is so limited. While I was testing the lighting around the area, I realized I forgot my flash-stand and I thought I packed my 24mm lens, but I guess I forgot that too. I’m stuck with my out-of-focus and broken 50mm lens. I’ve been having some technical and hardware issues with my nifty fifty (and man, I don’t want to spend money to replace this). Other things that went wrong are, ANTS ON THE LOCATION (ANTS THAT I’M ALLERGIC TO) and the limited area of good lighting at the location.

U30515-9120 U30515-9112 U30515-9173

Despite of all things that could go wrong, I adapted to the situation and made it work. It was a huge relief that everyone was patient with me and very cooperative. I got some ideas from the main leaders of the group of how to make this photoshoot work. The headshots turned out amazing too. Instead of having a formal headshot for a portfolio. I decided to go casual. Having to fight with my auto-focus and try to do manual focus (with my dried up contact lenses and blurry vision) was definitely a challenge. I had to sharpen up some of these images to save it, because although it might look sharp the live-view finder, I know that it’s not crisp or focus at all. I also thought up some poses that may work for the subject based on their behavior or personalities and outfits. These photos turned out really great. I’m so happy.

U30515-9179 U30515-9224 U30515-9221


I surprised myself today while editing how great these photos ended up looking. But if there’s any advice to this post is take the things that went wrong and approach it as a challenge. Don’t give up and be smart in creating solutions. I definitely used the architecture and the lighting of the building to my advantage and it end up creating this beautiful city & street-style that complemented this photoshoot well.


Have a great day everyone! Thanks for reading!

Final thoughts: Were there any photoshoots that you found challenging? How did you overcome the problems that went wrong with your photoshoot? 

Until next time,


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