French Food, BBQ, & the Ultimate Oreo Lava Cake

I had a great staycation with my boyfriend, Te, this past weekend. We went on dates, had some great BBQ and I even made him a ridiculous Oreo Lava Cake, which I should just nickname diabetes.


Te & I went to downtown Hollywood and had an amazing fine dining experience at F.A.C.E. (French American Culinary Experience) Restaurant.

IMG_7690 (1)

We had a pleasure of having an amazing host and waiter, who really amped up the experience (plus her French accent and pixie hair cut was adorable – upon reading some other reviews, it turns out to be that this was Chef Michel’s wife). Everything was made to order, but the food came out so fast and fresh! Te and I ordered the Blue Crab Strudel (blue crab rolled in a light and crispy filo dough, served with house-made mango chutney, topped with a House Glaze); which was a perfect sweet and savory delicacy. It was very light but packed a punch in their pink mustard sauce.


We also got the buttery Chef’s Foie Gras (pan seared duck liver, mango chutney, apple Reduction topped with aged raspberry balsamic) and it was served with a crispy toast – again hats off to the chef, because it was perfect. You definitely would want to eat the duck liver warm and on top of the toast they served at the side. It was always the perfect bite.


For main course, Te ordered the Beef bourguignon which was braised Beef marinated for 96 Hours in Merlot Wine (you can definitely taste the wine in the richness of the mushroom sauce). It was served with vegetables and mashed potatoes. I ordered the Duck confit which was served with truffle oil, polenta, raspberry glaze and root vegetable pancake. Both the beef and the duck was so tender and perfectly seasoned. I didn’t get much of the truffle oil, but I didn’t miss it at all. The dinner was definitely filling and the serving size was appropriate.

IMG_7695    IMG_7696 (1)

We skipped out on dessert, but I bet everything that they serve here is straight from heaven. I would come back here for a celebration. It was definitely a treat-yourself type of date and I had a great time 🙂 Thanks Hun!


My parents, Te and I all went to the Fall Festival at Flamingo Road Nursery and Farmers Market. Te and I were picking our pumpkin to carve later on in the night. The festival was filled with families and couples enjoying the good warm Florida weather, cooling down with frozen Apple ciders (WHICH WAS AMAZING) and stuffing themselves with some great BBQ and Farmer-made products. The whole area was surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery!

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After appreciating the beautiful scene, we smelled the BBQ and had lunch at One Last Cast BBQ. We ordered the BBQ sampler (dry-rub ribs, pulled pork, bbq chicken, sausages), pork & beans, mac & cheese, corn fritters and coleslaw. The pulled pork was not so special. The three stand-outs here were definitely the beans, flavored with the shredded pork, ribs (amazing dry rub, season was phenomenal and it falls right off the bone) and the corn fritters (sweet and savory in one bite). If I’m gonna come back here it’s definitely for those three Southern BBQ delicacies. They also offered a variety of BBQ sauces to dip, there was Spicy, Sweet and Carolina Mustard. This meal went so well with the frozen apple cider. I’ll come back here for sure!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

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We picked out the perfect pumpkin for $6! I mean that’s so cheap compared to last year’s pumpkins in Orlando. We carved our favorite cartoon movie, Monster’s University (an ode to our first date). I think it turned out pretty well! 🙂


I posted a previous post of what I made Te for dinner. But here’s what I made for dessert:

THE ULTIMATE OREO LAVA CAKE: Oreo lava cake (Learn to make it here), cookies and cream cookie, vanilla ice cream, Oreo Klondike bar and an Oreo. Whoa, that’s a whole lot of oreo, and sugar. But it was delicious, no regrets.


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Well that’s Te and I’s weekend. It’s tough trying to get a weekend together now that we both work and him being in Orlando and me down here in Miami is pretty challenging. But we try to make it work through as much communication as possible. Shout out to long distance couples out there, you can do it!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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Until next time,

Upcoming Adventures & Posts: Food & Wine Part 2 – What happens when a bunch of friends go to Food & Wine at Epcot, maybe a post of how I make my lava cakes?

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