Give Thanks

What a November! I’ve spent these past 2 weeks: working on my own as a nurse (yes, I’m off orientation!), serving at a Youth retreat, celebrating Friendsgiving, and spending time with family for Thanksgiving.


I’ll definitely going to dedicate my thoughts and writing for today by being thankful for all the beautiful blessings and lessons I’ve received this year and avoiding the craziness of Black Friday (which I’ll probably comment about this particular “tradition” later on.) 


My first encounter with Thanksgiving day was 10 years ago (2005), which was my first year living here in America. Growing up in the Philippines, Thanksgiving is a ridiculous holiday to celebrate, granting that by the time November rolls in, everyone is on full Christmas mode. Nonetheless, the outcome of Thanksgiving has transformed for me within the last 10 years, especially with the growth of social media & the notorious popularity of Black Friday.


(This is the part where I’d like to say all my thank you-s)

2015 was filled with so much blessings for me personally. I graduated from nursing school, passed my NCLEX, traveled to Hawaii & Manila and began my job as a pediatric ER nurse in a children’s hospital here in Miami. This month I’ve finally began to take care of my own patients, and even made it to the top patient satisfiers of the month! I’m so thankful of all the support and love I’ve received from my  friends, family, co-workers and community. I’m really at a shock of where I am now.

Find my name!

I’m definitely thankful for my family. I’m so happy that my little brother (EJ) came home for this weekend from Orlando. This year made me realize that everyone is really growing up, growing older and growing apart. It will be these holidays that will bring our family together in the future and it’s a bittersweet thought.


Since my graduation from college, I’ve resurfaced new friendships. I’m really grateful for the friends I have now. It was only appropriate to celebrate it with a Friendsgiving dinner, which was held at my friend/cousin, Leanna’s, apartment. Most of the pictures here are now from that dinner. I think that as we grow in life, there certain individuals, relationships that stand out. These people continue to guide me and surround me with their companionship. Although I’m the youngest now in my group of friends, this thanksgiving I felt a common ground that we people of the 20’s, approaching 30’s are working our way towards: stability and self-awareness.




Speaking of relationships, I’m also thankful for the relationship that I am in now. Thank you Te for being so accepting of me into your life. Thank you for being the person that will wake up to my 4:30 am calls after work and tucking me in while I sleep and the world goes about their day. Thank you for loving me, especially in times where I can’t love myself.


Now that I’ve counted the blessings I’ve had, I think it’s important to know that these gifts that we receive are enough. I went to work Thanksgiving day and saw the line of people waiting at BestBuy and Target at around 3pm Thanksgiving day. We all have heard stories of people camping out at a priced store and even the horrors of Black Friday deals. I’ve definitely have fallen to the grasp of this materialistic day, and it was only this year that I’ve realized that I’ve been selfish for the past couple of Black Fridays. So today, I will not spend money or shop. (I am currently sitting on my dining room by myself while my brothers are shopping and my parents are sleeping. We got to change this next year.)

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Autumn Sangrias that I made 🙂 


So while we (as a collective society) shop this Black Friday (which deals have now extended throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday), whether for ourselves or for others, we need to not forget the value that Thanksgiving Thursday has brought upon us. Let’s remember what we counted and will always account for. 

Give thanks, 


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset





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