The Hunt for Sony a6000

I finally woke up early today; it’s a pretty exciting day. Other than Te coming down for the weekend, I’ve finally decided that it’s time for me to purchase the Sony a6000. I made up my mind because:

1. I really need a travel camera. (Booked my flight to the Philippines this January).

2. I really need a smaller, lightweight camera that packs a punch.

The Sony a6000 just about fulfills all of the above. I just wished it was waterproof, since I feel that I’ll be doing some swimming. (It’s all good, I got the HitCase Pro for my iPhone 6s, and that should be all good).

Anyways, BestBuy didn’t have the Sony a6000 (body only). They only have the bundles with those atrocious kit lens (well, not a fan of kit lens anymore, ever since my discovery of primes). I waited an hour for a sales associate to assist me. In that 1 hour, I managed to assist 3 people in the camera department (side note.)

So, the hunt continues. I looked at hhgregg and even at other photo stores around me. I managed to find a shop that sells the a6000 body only (at the BestBuy sale price of $399 — online BestBuy sold out). I definitely called the store, Reef Photo & Video (who specializes in underwater photography & gear) and placed my order. I was also on the hunt for a Sony 35mm prime, but all the stores around me ran out of stock.

I find myself in the middle of Fort Lauderdale and in the shop and what surrounded me was a bunch of underwater housing! I’m so happy that they held the VERY LAST a6000 body for me. While shopping, I managed to also get the Sony 50mm f/1.8 and the Sigma 19 mm f/2.9 Art lens! 😀

So that’s that. I’ll definitely update you guys on some photos and my first hands-on experience and review about my recent purchase.


Here’s a quick vblog of my day!





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