December ’15

December was such a busy month for me, as you can see. I haven’t blogged for an entire month other than my hunt for the Sony a600 (to which I haven’t reviewed yet)! Especially these past two weeks, I’ve been grinding back to back shifts in preparation for my trip to the Philippines this coming new year.

Let’s take a look back at my December:

  1. My family and I spent our last moment of 2015 being all together before my dad left first for the Philippines.

2. I went to Orlando for Te’s holiday work party in Downtown (Downtown Orlando is beautiful and crazy in their night life). We also went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!


3. Te came down to visit 🙂 and he gave me an Apple watch for Christmas. AHHHHH.

4. I had an awesome Christmas & Chill getty. My friends and I made some adult hot chocolate and played mahjong and Monopoly Deal. Oh and I set up a pretty great last-minute photo booth with my ring light and left over christmas wrapping paper.


5. Spent Noche Buena being an honorary Pampolina. For Christmas day, I worked with this pretty cool Santa.

6. Three back-to-back shifts and I’m on for another three in a row before catching my flight on New Year’s day. It’s okay, I went to this pretty cute Korean bakery (Paris Morning Bakery) and got a sweet lychee bing soo.


Wow, now looking back, I’ve had a pretty eventful December. I’m adjusting to the night shift nurse work flow and also to my messed up (but nice) sleeping schedule. Juggling work, my inner wanderlust, friendships and relationships…….. oh and I got a second job in store for next year. Crazy.

Right now, I miss my family who spent Christmas in the Philippines.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I wonder what 2016 will bring me. 


That’s a wrap (get it since wrapping paper?),



I know short post. But I’m gonna head out for lunch with my friend before work. Plus, longer posts & reflection for my Philippines trip and resolutions for 2016 once I’m up in the air. 

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