Welcome 2016.


I got a whole 24 hours of fly time, which means I get to reflect (and write) about my New Year’s Resolutions for 2016. 


But before I get started on the new year, I want to shed light on my new year’s resolution last 2015. 2015 was definitely a jam-packed year for me. The idea of having a theme for the year helped me keep my 2015 resolutions. Instead of being so specific and have a thousand of things I should be doing in the year, I kept it simple and had a theme. The theme last year was Happy, Healthy and Whole.


Happy: I was definitely blessed in 2015. I had so much to be happy about, such as my graduation from nursing school, passing the NCLEX, getting my job as an pediatric ER nurse, traveling to Hawaii and Philippines, purchased my car… the list goes on. But I would have never obtained those accomplishments if it was not for my hard work. I’m gonna give myself a pat in the back because of my tenacity to keep going. I have to say that 2015 was a happy and striving year.

Healthy: Around May 2015, I really took a focus on my health. I went and got myself a membership at my local LA fitness and I asked my cousin (James) to help me start up. I now lift weights at least one to two times a week with him and his sister (Leanna). And it really makes a difference in my energy level, which translates to my work as a nurse. I feel more confident in my body. Writing and challenging myself in photography (and other hobbies) keep me mentally and emotionally healthy. I tried to surround myself in a positive and encouraging environment. 2015 was a great start to be healthy, holistically.

Whole: This was definitely the toughest part of 2015. Along with successes come disappointments, problems and shortcomings. All the negativity from 2015 culminates to making me whole. Why? I can’t always be positive. There was definitely a dark time in 2015, to which I took 3 weeks to travel to somewhere old and new. No matter how much right is going on in my life, I happen to manage to screw things up and knock myself down from the high I’m getting. 2015 humbled me down. 2015 was a very difficult year but my downfalls helped me build myself anew. 2015 was a game changer.

I have definitely learned many many lessons last year. I thank 2015 for shaping me and preparing me for another chapter of my life, especially as I enter 2016 as an full-on, working adult.


As I was thinking of my personal goal for 2016, I really considered the word independence, “the power to determine action without restraint.” But the more I think about the word and the goals I have for myself, I think the better word for my 2016 is movement

In order to me to become independent, it requires of me to move. It calls on me to act on my dreams and make them reality. I’m always the type of person to plan, but I’m not one to make such a jump and place those plans into action. I’m not one to always seize the opportunities either.

So here goes to 2016, the year of movement.









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