My whole family spent the day in an island called Corregidor. It’s about an hour ferry ride trip from Manila Bay. 


We woke up early (got about 3 hours of sleep in) and road to Manila Bay, which was very close to the gaudy Mall of Asia. The roads and parking were blocked off due to the Color Run the city was having (which looked so much fun!). But despite the traffic and driving around in circles, we managed to arrive at the port timely. 


During the ride, we were serranaded by the lullaby about the history of Corregidor. It was rich with World War II horrors. 

The whole ferry was split into different buses that run into a schedule. Each bus had an amicable tour guide; our tour guide’s name was Dom. 


 Dom knew the ins and outs of the island. The pieces of information he spurted out from memory were refreshing to me. Honestly, these past few months were all focused on nursing. Time to be a worldly citizen and know some historical facts (both good and bad). 

Going to Corregidor was definitely a blast in the past. It yielded such a patriotic feeling towards me. Sprinkled with the horrors of the 6 year war, the whole island was filled with pieces of that time. 

Whether it’s the destroyed walls of where the soldiers stayed, or the gigantic left over guns and bombs, Corregidor definitely puts a haunting feeling to its visitors. Especially walking in the Malinta Tunnel. 


You can’t help but feel in awe from the great sufferings of the war. It makes one wonder the worth of independence, democracy and freedom that millennialists like me seem to take for granted. Millions of lives lost to the horrific war. I’m standing on one of the very battlegrounds. 


I wish I can write more about this. But unlike my brother, I didn’t take notes (shocking). But I’ll leave a question that we can all reflect and ponder about. 

Is there a true value for freedom


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