February Highlights: Lakeridge Winery & Disney

This February 2016 was definitely filled with celebrations of love and friendship! I went to Disney World for back to back Saturdays and Te surprised me with a trip to a winery in Florida (I didn’t even know we had one here!) .

Disney World – February 6. 

Leanna and I went on a day trip to Disney. We literally drove around 7 am and arrived at our first destination Magic Kingdom, 3 hours and 15 minutes later. We walked around the park and rode the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup ride before checking in our reservation at Be Our Guest restaurant. I was pumped and excited since it’s my first time dining at the Beast’s castle.

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I ordered the braised pork and we both got the “grey stuff” cupcake for dessert (which Leanna has been hyping up all week). The food did not disappoint. But I can see why The Grey stuff has its elevated reputation. It was some GREAT stuff.

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The rest of the day was spent in the gloom and rain. It didn’t stop raining at all and the cold winds didn’t help either. Most of the time was spent trying to find shelter and warmth. We stopped by Hollywood Studios to meet Mike & Sully, then enjoyed Toy Story’s Midway Mania. After the ride, we went to Epcot and got a snack and a wine flight in France.

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We went back to Magic Kingdom for the hunt for the Dole Whip. But as we arrived the food vendor told us they don’t serve it with vanilla soft-served anymore. It was all pineapple. THE ONLY WAY DOLE WHIP IS GREAT IS WITH THAT VANILLA ICE CREAM. wow, what a disappointment. But we still ordered it, with a side of hot chocolate, to beat the freezing cold and rain. But nonetheless, we had fun. We persevered through the tough


Valentine’s Day Weekend

After giving waking up to flowers and a cute card. Te surprised me with a day tour at Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards before heading out to Magic Kingdom. We first stopped by Crooked Spoon, which is a gastropub in Clermont, FL. I had the pleasure of eating a great Blueberry & Brie burger (Forida Angus Beef, Panko Crusted Brie, Mushroom Ragout, Blueberry Compote, Arugula, Brioche Bun).

I didn’t know that Florida has its own vineyard, it was definitely a great Valentine’s treat. During the day there was also a farmer’s market and all you can handle wine tasting! The beautiful cool weather was absolutely perfect for the whole Valentine’s weekend! At the end of our winery tour, we bought four bottles of wine to take home and share: two bottles of Southern Red (which is their most popular wine), one Chablis (white wine) and one Sunblush (a rose).

We then went on our merry way to Magic Kingdom and continue our festivities with our friends. Unfortunately, I had caught a really bad virus (somewhere…) to which I am sporting headache and nausea. My second time at Be Our Guest restaurant started out horrible on my end (I couldn’t stomach anything other than the earl grey tea). But as it turns out, the grey stuff was my remedy. After eating some sugar, I was good to go and rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. I ended the night around 2 am  by eating my take home food from Be Our Guest. I’m very thankful though for my friends who made this Valentine’s weekend a great and memorable one, despite me being sick (Currently, chugging Emergen-C at this moment, while decongesting myself).


But the greatest thing about this weekend is being able to share a Nob Hill Chill from Ghiradelli’s with my valentine.

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Valentine’s Day Travel Draft

Te and I decided that every Valentine’s day, we’re going to do a travel draft. We picked out six U.S. cities that we wanted to go travel to this Summer and we’re going to pick one out of the hat (or in this case my friend’s hand – see Youtube video below). Over the weekend, I researched some top must-go-to list and places to eat at each city. The six cities were:

  • San Diego, CA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Houston, TX
  • Chicago, IL
  • Seattle, WA
  • Boston, MA

We placed each city in a paper and it was folded equally. We chose two randomly and we end up with Minneapolis and Austin…. Jucy Lucy or Southern BBQ….  In the end, we end up choosing Minneapolis as our city for 2016.


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I’m so stoked about this upcoming trip, definitely going to plan more of this out as the months roll in.  Any suggestions on where we should go in the Twin Cities?




Happy Hump Day,


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