Twin Cities: The Underrated

Last week I had an amazing week in the beautiful and underrated cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul at Minnesota.

I mean seriously, prior to going to Minnesota, most of my conversations were:

Me: I’m going on vacation!

Person: Where are you going? 

Me: Minneapolis

Person: What’s in Minneapolis? 

Me: … 


So this recap is for those people who think that there’s nothing to do in Minneapolis.


Day 1: Saturday

We flew in from Fort Lauderdale, connected to Atlanta (which we had some fried chicken for a snack) and head on over to Minneapolis.

Te and I discovered the LRT and skywalks.

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We went around the Foshay Tower & Observation Deck to look at the views of the city. And we went and took the MetroRail to Mall of America.


Day 2: Sunday

We celebrated Pentecost Sunday at the beautiful Basilica of St. Mary.

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Then we had brunch at Eggy’s! They served such amazing breakfasts. We also walked around the area and enjoyed the many lakes and red-stoned bricks.

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During the afternoon time, we visited Minnehaha Falls, hiked and rode a bike throughout the park. At this point of the visit in Minneapolis, we recognized that Minnesota was one of the most healthiest states to live in.


I truly believe its because of all the opportunities to stay fit and healthy is so readily available here. From the outdoor activities offered in the 10,000 lakes, abundant parks and of course walking around the city and taking public transportation get your steps in.


On Saturday night, we finally had the Jucy Lucy (or Nookie) and had FRIED CHEESE CURDS (which was definitely the highlight food from this trip) at Nook’s.

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My parents, Te and I went to the Stone arch bridge at Mill Ruins Park.


Day 3: Monday 

Downtown Minneapolis started to become busy as it’s the beginning of the work week. The doughnut shop that was right in front of our hotel entrance, Bogart’s Doughnut Co. was open. Their brown butter glazed donut and Vanilla Creme donuts were SOOOOO delicious!

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One of the most iconic structures at Minnesota was definitely the Spoon & Cherry bridge. And from this park, you can see the outline of the buildings downtown.

We walked around World Street Market and had some ethnic food for lunch. At that market there were tons of food vendors offering a variety of types of food. I got some Indiburitto (Indian burrito), while my parents had Vietnamese pho.

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During the evening, Te and I had dinner at 112 Eatery. They served some amazing eats. But what Te and I loved the most was their 112 beef tartare. Their lamb ribs and duck radicchio salad was so filling.

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Day 4: Tuesday

At this point of the trip, Te and I decided to venture and use Minneapolis’ public bus.

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We took the bus to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. What I loved about the city, is no matter what angle or place I find myself in, I always get the beautiful view of downtown. The city was also filled with culture and art. Most of the areas we visited was for FREE (or donations are welcome).

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For lunch we ate at World Street Kitchen and Milkjam Creamery. Both of these places were owned by the same person!

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Since I was craving ramen, Te took me to Zen Box Izakaya. They served some great “Japanese tapas” like takoyaki, miso braised ribs, chicken kara age, and Tonkotsu ramen.

After a big dinner like that, we decided to walk around Mill Ruins Park again and end the night with a beautiful view.

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Day 5: Wednesday

During our last full day in Minnesota, Te and I visited and toured St. Paul. We first went and had breakfast at The Buttered Tin.

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After breakfast, we visited the Cathedral of St. Paul. The architecture (which was completed in the 1900s) was so majestic and awe-inspiring.

We then walked over to the History Center and took the bus to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. These centers were again for donations and it was just so awesome (unlike Miami, which everything comes with a price). The weather was so beautiful and we couldn’t help but stay outdoors while being in the city.

For dinner, we went to Red Cow and had some great burgers and fried cheese curds with triple berry ketchup!

Day 6: Thursday 

We went back to Florida.



Looking back at these photos, I had such an amazing time in this city. It definitely had both modern vibes (especially the architecture) but it also celebrated and embraced history. I now understood the term, “Minnesota nice” because the people were so polite, helpful and NICE.

This whole trip has taught me to never be afraid to travel to cities that none of your friends had visited before. I’ll definitely be posting a different post about what I’ve learned about traveling to new places and tips to have a good time at a foreign land.

Also, traveling can be a great way to learn more about your partner, I seriously learned a whole lot more about Te and each other during this trip. Thank you Te for traveling with me, I know this has been a box in our bucket list that we’ve been trying to achieve. CHARGING! 😉

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Thanks for viewing,

Jea C. 

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