Top 5 D.C. Eats

Here’s my Top 5 Food that I ate during my weekend in Washington D.C.

Runner Ups:

Baked & Wired Cupcake: Pistachio

This pistachio cupcake at the very popular bakery in Georgetown was pretty solid. The cupcake had a vanilla and pistachio cake topped with a honey-cardamom cream cheese buttercream and crushed pistachios.

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Watermelon Caprese Carpaccio Salad at Farmers Fishers Bakers

Do not underestimate this salad. I wanted to eat something light after eating Ethiopian food and cupcake. This salad was a great and refreshing twist to your traditional caprese salad. It had small and thin slices of watermelon and micro basil, and underneath the heirloom tomatoes was ricotta. If I’m not mistaken, the dressing was a light white balsamic vinegar. I’m definitely taking the watermelon idea for a summer caprese salad.

I ate this with their crab and artichoke dip with garlic flat bread. It was a pretty great combo.

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#5: Peach Tea Ice Cream at Union Market

The Union Market at D.C. was filled of food vendors and the smells were amazing. Since it was a HOT Saturday, I was definitely craving some ice cream. This Peach Tea ice cream from Trickling Springs Creamery had such an amazing flavor! Perfect amount of sweetness. I’m hoping I can make it in person because it was just tooooo good.


#4: Chicken BBQ at Sotto 

Grilled to perfection with their 
Nora chili sauce. I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of it due to my self-consciousness of doing flash photography at this super nice restaurant with people I didn’t really know. Ugh. But still get it and it won’t disappoint. Their bbq sauce was tangy and lightly sweet. The char on that chicken made the skin so crisp. I had the white meat part of the chicken breasts and it was so soft and cooked to greatness.

#3:   Banana Foster’s Stuffed French Toast at Founding Farmers

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Founding Farmers is a very popular restaurant in DC. I wanted to try their stuffed french toast and this order didn’t disappoint. The bread reminded me of this nicely fried donut. It was super light and airy! The vanilla bean creme in the middle was sweet. YOU DO NOT NEED EXTRA MAPPLE SYRUP for this dish. I’m very happy to have chosen this as my brunch.

#2: Seafood Rolls at Luke’s Lobster

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Simplicity at its finest. That’s what I got from Luke’s Maine sampler tray. I loved their shrimp, crab and lobster rolls. Once you walk in to the place you immediately smell the toasted bread and butter. It was such a refreshing and light snack!

#1: Ethiopian Food at Das Ethiopian 

While I was reading a magazine on my airplane, I read that D.C. was very famous for it’s Ethiopian cuisine. I made this a part of my things-to-do during this weekend. I was a little hesitant at first, especially that I’m bringing my friends with me to try something that no one in our group has tried before, but hey it was a risk worth taking. For appetizers we had Sabusa (which is like an Indian samosa). It was lightly fried pastry and lentils. The mildly spicy dipping sauce provided a great mild kick to the dish.

The food was served family style along with the spongey Injera bread (which is resemblant to a flat sour dough). No utensils provided, so YOU EAT WITH YOUR HANDS. I loved this experience because it made everything very authentic and it felt like home (Filipinos love eating with their hands). The experience also made it special because you’re literally sharing the meal with your friends. We ordered their chicken and beef combo (chicken doro wat, beef kaey watt, beef alicha and beef cubes segana gomen), beef tibs, shrimp tibs, and short ribs. Everything was very flavorful and all the dishes had a unique flavor. You can definitely mix and match the food and place it on the injera bread. Every bite that you’ll get is different!

This was definitely a finger-licking experience that people should definitely try! And this is why it’s my number one eats this weekend.

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The only question I have for you readers is: Any food experiences in D.C. worth coming back to? 


Happy eating, 

Jea C. 


Thanks for reading this post. I hope you liked it! As always: comments, likes and follows are appreciated 🙂 

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