Concrete Jungles: NYC in the Fall

This past Thanksgiving weekend I was able to go & experience fall in New York City! I traveled with my family friends and had a really great time! Here are my three days in review in the city.

Day 1: Arrival 

We took a flight on Black Friday afternoon and arrived to the cool autumn airs of New York. But prior to exploring the city, I was able to meet a very creative individual, whom I’ve looked up to: Daniel Cloud Campos. Seriously, if you haven’t heard about him or seen him dance or his other works, definitely go check it out. This basically set the tone for the rest of our trip: pure excitement.

We took the subway to Times Square and first ate at Bonchon (which has great Korean fried chicken). We explored the area and almost got harassed by the scary boobie-choo mascots (TIP: NEVER STEP INTO THE SQUARE LINE & NEVER TAKE PICTURES WITH THEM). I was definitely overwhelmed with the amount of people in the area. Every one was on the go, taking photos, admiring the bright lights from the advertisements and the tall buildings in the city. To say the least, there was a very palpable energy in the city. 

The night ended with us getting coffee and waffles from Wafels and Dinges (the waffle we had had cookie butter, which you can get at your local Trader Joe’s).

Day 2: More Exploration 

The day started early because my friends wanted to recreate the scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (which I thought was a real restaurant at first). I was surprised that it was literally outside of the Tiffany’s (Jewelry store). After grabbing our Starbucks & taking photos, James, Tiffany & I headed to the Apple Store which is right next to Central Park.

The feelings I had at Central Park were of admiration & awe. I mean, I’ve seen so many movies with scenes from this park. But it didn’t quite prepare me for the view I saw: the changing reds, oranges and yellows of the foliage, concrete jungles behind a lake, and the crisp falling leaves from the trees. I’ve finally experienced what I had just seen in pictures. This was my first experience of autumn, and I have FALL-en in love with it.

After going around Central Park, we met up with Leanna & Karla at another place from the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which was the reference to the main character’s apartment.
We then went to Taiyaki NYC and got ourselves some Japanese ice cream. I had the matcha green tea & sesame swirl, which I think is a must try for those adventurous foodie people out there. After grabbing dessert, we went to Nike Soho and then grabbed a late lunch at Lombardi’s.

From there, we watched Chris Gerhard’s Career Suicide. It was a very personal show that talks about Gerhard’s struggles with anxiety, with some comic relief. The message relayed was very real, no comic here.

After the show, my friends and I went to Ruby’s Cafe. Apparently, based on sources, they have one of the most life-changing burgers. So our whole table ordered the Bronte burger. It was well executed, I can definitely agree that this burger was very tasty (especially the patty). But I don’t think that this is the BEST burger I have personally eaten (Sorry guys!)

From dinner we went and took a nap at a hotel before we went to a speakeasy called Angel’s Share. We ended the cold night at Halal guys and ordered the chicken & gyro with rice and drenched it with this amazing white sauce (TIP: Never get the red sauce and pour it all over the plate).

Day 3: Last Full Day 

We had a later start to the day. I wanted to shop and walk around Bryant Park. I drank the most delicious hot chocolate from Max Brenner. It was smooth, silky & rich. During this time, I also discovered a very cute jewelry shop called DearestI definitely bought some earrings there for myself & for gifts.

From Bryant Park, we took the subway to Brooklyn with our friend Kin (who lives in NYC). From the Brooklyn Park, I was mesmerized by the amazing cityscapes right by the Brooklyn Bridge. Other than Central Park, this is for sure one of the scenic views in the Big Apple.

Day 4: Departure

The last hours in NYC were spent visiting the Grand Central Station & Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller. Sun was up high shining over the tall skyscrapers. I saw the maroon & orange leaves covering Central Park.



Thank you New York & the paper airplanes that came to me to this trip!


Until my next adventure, 



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