Top 7 Experiences in Oahu

It’s been a couple of weeks since my return from Hawaii. I can’t help but remember but dream about the paradise that I’ve experienced; so here’s a review of my top experiences during my nine days in Oahu with my family.




7   Tantalus Lookout

Imagine seeing a rainbow as you pan to view this whole side of Hawaii. You can see Diamond Head, the ocean’s horizon and the grey & white colors of the buildings. There was this very cool breeze in this altitude. But what I really enjoyed about this experience is that there’s an atmosphere of joy while being in this area. You can see lovers cuddled up on the side of the look out, families playing games, and the other tourists who came to see this view. It’s definitely a great spot to have a picnic and just spend a good quality unplugged time with your loved ones. If I were to come back to this lookout, that is exactly what I’m going to do.


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6   Surfing in North Shore & Waikiki 

This was one of the most challenging things that I did during my stay in Hawaii. For a first-time surfer, I definitely would NOT recommend surfing the waves of North Shore. But I can see why it’s still a great spot to surf. My brothers and I can all agree that the waves in Waikiki is more favorable. We were all able to catch a wave with the help of our aunties and their friends. This makes it to the list because I was able to learn something new and had a really great time. Although I wasn’t able to catch a wave in North Shore, I was able to earn my wave in Waikiki.  There’s a definitely a certain beauty in trying again.




5   Eating at Arvo Cafe

You already know that food trips will definitely make it to my list. My brothers and I really had a great breakfast here in Arvo. All of the food that we ordered was delicious! We had a nutella toast with strawberries, banana & coconut shavings, a smoked salmon toast, and a prosciutto & swiss croissant. We all had a hard time picking which of our sandwich is better, or which bite to finish with. The cafe/flower shop/clothing store had this cool hipster vibe. Definitely attracts both local and tourists. The aesthetic of the food and place was pretty and bright. If you want a great photo for your Insta feed or a delicious breakfast bite, look no further than Arvo’s. Bonus, this area is going to be up-and-coming. So watch out for more developments!

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4  Koko Head

This was one of the toughest physical and mental activities I’ve done. There’s definitely a constant fight after the first 100 steps up in climbing Koko Head. My mind was telling me to both stop the hike and keep going. There was a sure relief and peace that I felt when you complete the 1048 steps up to this lookout. I felt great, despite the shortness of breath or the cramping on my legs. Not only did I get a beautiful view of the mountains and ocean, but I also received a mental clarity while going on this hike. After Koko Head, it really pushed the idea that you can overcome anything that you put your mind to, if you just keep pushing and move forward.

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3  Udon at Marakume 



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2  Waimea Rock Jump

After my experience with Koko Head, I thought that I can do anything. But jumping Waimea rock was another mental challenge to “just do it.” I thought that my 2015 jump off Alan Davis prepared me for this, but nope. It was definitely higher. My brothers and I realize that this was a high jump because there was a moment while you jump that it registered, “Holy s*** this is high, AHHH!” One of the perks with this jump is that you don’t have to push so far to avoid the rocks. It’s a clear 25-30 feet bottom; unlike in Alan Davis where you have to climb back up the rocks, battle the strong waves and jump further to avoid the rocks.  Will I recommend this experience? Without a doubt.

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1  Water Excursions on the West Side 

During our last full day in Hawaii, my parents booked us a full morning excursion to the West side of the island. This experience was truly magical. We were able to snorkel and see turtles and dolphins! And then we watched majestic humpback whales breach the waters in a beautiful choreography. I mean I couldn’t even count how many times they breached! Everyone on the boat was screaming in joy and awe. We were all mesmerized. As Edison described it, “it felt like we were in National Geographic Channel.” This is a MUST MUST MUST do, and if you were to book it, definitely go to Dolphin Excursions Hawaii.

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Thank you for reading! I hope that this inspired you to take a trip to Hawaii or just go somewhere and choose the courage to adventure!

This trip really set the tone for the rest of my travel plans this 2017. I’m so excited.

Here’s a recap Youtube video of my trip:


Until my next adventure, 



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