Rocks & Boats


What a better way to test out my a6300 than to take it rock climbing with my friends. This week I’ve been working on improving my video taking & editing skills. I’ve recently downloaded Final Cut Pro and ColorFinale – it’s an absolute game changer!

I was gonna post this yesterday, but I had photoshoots the whole day & I decreased my social media use (no Snapchat, FB or Instagram for Lent!). This whole week went pretty well! I’m definitely not on my phone as much as I used to. And I’ve really taken more time editing and taking photos and videos with my a6300 instead of my phone.

Yesterday’s photoshoot was a little draining, but I captured some great photos and I can’t wait to start editing them this week. Hopefully I’ll have the time, since I’ll be going to California this week – which means more photos and videos to edit!

So here’s my video from Wednesday, enjoy!



Have a great week & thanks for watching,

#choosecourage #couragetolearn

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