changes & chillin

Let me begin by saying thank you to Ate Klea who went to William Singe & Alex Aiono’s Changes concert with me this last Friday. We had so much fun in Fort Lauderdale singing and dancing at Revolution. They really did an amazing job, playing their most famous covers and as well as performing some of their original songs, which sounded pretty great. Bonus plus to their eye contact, runs, body rolls and falsettos all night. 

Other than dancing at the bar with my Ate, the best part of the night was definitely the discovery of the modern pick up line. 

Guy: Hey, can I have your Snapchat? 

Klea: Why?

Guy: So we can talk at a better time.

Klea: Is that the new way of asking for my number? 

Guy: Well, can you give me your number? 

Klea: No. 


Thank you again Ate for coming with me!

During this weekend I met one of my good friends, Miguel, aka Migzilla. We’ve been following each other’s work through Instagram and Facebook. To be frank, he’s pretty godly at videography (even if I know he says that he isn’t). Our talks always revolve around the themes of creativity and growth. He’s definitely a guy you want to follow, because he’s doing some pretty great things.

Upon his arrival, I took him to FIU to meet Pia for a headshot photoshoot. We also took this opportunity to learn more about each other’s crafts – photography and videography. We traded tips and hints while taking turns of taking photos for Pia.

Here’s the photos that Migzilla & I took of Pia.

During the morning, I also took him around my office and where I work, and a quick tour of FIU. And as we’re walking, I saw the opportunity to take him to a really great spot for a photoshoot. Here are some of the shots I took of him, this was pre-Cuban food.

Processed with VSCO with e3 presetProcessed with VSCO with e3 preset

The rest of the Saturday were filled with an unexpected experience, drinking bobas and eating dinner with my other friends. The family celebrated Earth Hour so we turned off the lights and lit some candles. We all enjoyed each other’s company and talking while sipping on the Cali wine I brought back from my San Francisco trip.


Thank you Migz for coming by, let’s collab again soon!


Migzilla’s Social Platforms: 

Youtube Channel: Miguel de la Rosa

Instagram: @mig_zilla

{Here’s a quick video recap of our weekend on Miguel’s Youtube Channel!}


Thanks for reading, 

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