Courage to Reflect: Back to Social Media?

Happy Easter! 

It’s been more than 40 days and nights since I’ve given up Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. These three social media powerhouses have greatly impacted me and my lifestyle. From keeping in touch with friends, seeing what they’re up to, finding inspirations and marketing my photography business, they’ve been my main source of communication. But after being away for it for a few weeks, how much impact did it cause while I was away from it? Has the social media world changed since I’ve been back? Will I go back into it? How has my behavior changed? 

When I re-downloaded Snapchat, I was pretty relieved that I didn’t get so much snaps. But when I clicked the menu to view people’s stories, I was overwhelmed. In my mind, I told myself, “did I really click through so much of these?”. I became very selective on who’s stories I wanted to view, and it doesn’t surprise me that it’s usually the friends I keep up with on a regular basis.

After I viewed the snaps sent to me, I find myself deleting the app again.

Next was Instagram. To say the least, I used to post on Instagram about at least 3 photos a week, when I travel then maybe 6-9 in a day. Instagram has become this platform for me to express myself and my photography. But then I thought to myself, are my photos being admired for what content I bring or does it conform to what others see as visually appealing? The number one question that many people ask before they post is, “is this photo Insta-worthy?” I’m still unsure on how I feel about this. Isn’t documentation of a story more than just a heart or a like? Doesn’t a memory deserve more than a scroll-by or a caption? 

But one thing for sure, I will not go back to the “one-for-the-snap, two-for-the-gram, and three-for-the-blog” photo behavior.  And now there’s Messenger and Instagram story!?! It’s way too much.

Lastly, I opened my Facebook account. After being away from it for weeks, I decided I won’t upload the app on my phone, and solely just use Messenger. There were many notifications, a few tags and new friend requests. Majority of the notifications are from my favorite people posting something. Facebook still remained the same. Looking at it, it’s definitely a website that I don’t need a day-to-day conversation with.

These past few weeks without the three social media platforms have been relieving. I don’t use idle time to scroll through feeds or edit photos. And come to think of it, there’s no such thing as idle time. There’s always things to see, people to be inspired from, conversations to start, or subjects to learn. I’ve been calling or messaging my friends and family more directly. When hanging out or eating out, I noticed that I won’t have my phone on me so much, or I can leave it in my bag. My presence is more present at each moment. I definitely feel that I’m making more of a direct impact with the people around me.


All in all, I’m very happy that I’ve done this.

I asked myself today, “It’s been a while, shouldn’t you post something on Instagram or Snap you’re doing?” 

And I smiled while I replying to myself, “Nope, not today.” 


Thanks for reading,




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