NJ X NY X 2017

*Alert! Long read, so skip to the end for YT links for my vlog & recap video.*

This past weekend, Tammi and I went to New Jersey and New York. This is my second trip out of seven for my 7x7x17 Travel Series. This trip was extra special because Tammi was the person who named my travel project back in November, while I was in New York. It was a full circle.

For this post, I’d be touching up of how to keep your cool through flight delays & the joy in meeting new people.


As the days come closer to the NY trip, the weather was not looking so good for the weekend. There were travel alerts about severe rain/thunderstorms and tornado watches. Tammi got to book an earlier flight into NY for free. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make an earlier flight.

As I waited to board my flight, the flight attendants have told us that there would be a 10-20 minute delay in boarding. It was no big issue to me, until we received another alert that due to the severe weather there’s been a hold in our departure from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) airport. No planes were incoming or outgoing from LGA. So there I was waiting in a full aircraft remaining at the gate. After a 1.5 hour wait, we were able to take off.

As we were approaching the LGA airport, there was another hold and we were diverted to Baltimore, because we were running out of gas while being in the air awaiting to land in LGA. Through all of these delays, I can feel the tension of the people around me. It’s been a 4 hour fly time with accumulated delays. How did I manage to keep my cool during these delays? I believe the patience comes in knowing that it’s out of your hands. What can anger and complaining solve if not add to more frustration? At this point, energy was better spent in occupying the time with doing something productive.

So what can you do while being stuck in an airport or plane? I found myself listening to music, watching videos or dancing in my corner of the airport. I started to do some stretches and lunges in the back by the bathrooms. I sparked up a conversation with the people I sat with. I’ve written poems. If I had my laptop, I could have been editing videos. The whole art to overcoming waiting, is to be doing something, anything.

After an applause, I finally landed in LGA and Tammi picked me up with Kuya Rob. We then went to the Jersey side and went to a really great location with a bridge (I don’t remember which one) and went to grab some ramen and hot boba. Hot boba was definitely the game changer during my trip.

During that Friday night, although there was a lot of fog in the area, I was able to appreciate the West side of New York views.

When we got back to Kuya Rob’s place, he was able to show me his cameras (he owned 12), his other photography gear and even gave Tammi and I some photography lessons.


After waking up to some great coffee. Tammi, Kuya Rob and I had brunch at Brownstone Pancakes. Tammi and I mentally prepared ourselves for this full Saturday. Because we’re planning to stay up all night so we can watch the sunrise on Brooklyn Bridge. Throughout the day, Tammi was reminding me of our “nightshift” in NY. Hehe, nurse jokes.

Kuya Rob then dropped us off to begin our adventure at High Line. I find it great that I’m discovering new views and sightseeing places at my second time here in NYC.

Tammi and I continued our city exploring by walking through Koreatown, checking out market places and shops.

We headed over Bryant Park where we met Selani. Selani was a friend of Miguel. Miguel actually recommended for me to meet her while being in NY. I’ve never really met new people out of my way. To be honest, I was a little hesitant to meet her. I think the hesitance came because we didn’t have Miguel, which is our mutual friend, to introduce us or to act as a buffer. But again #choosecourage right? The courage to make connections, the courage to meet new people started running through my head. When Tammi and I met her, it was an instant click! I think if you erase the doubts or expectations and you go in the experience with a positive energy, the response would be the same.

I mean there we were entering the cafe with a slight skip to our steps and ran in for a hug and a smile. Coming in with that energy, sets the tone of the meeting. I was grateful for this. Selani really became such a beautiful individual to get to know. Tammi and I immediately became her ates (older sister) and her our ading (little sister). Our stomachs were growling at this point. We went to eat at Bonchon which has one of the best Korean fried chicken ever.

After eating some great wings and japchae. We all bonded and ventured out in Times Square.

After dropping Selani home, Tammi, Kuya Rob and I went to eat at Artichoke pizza. This is another game changer. If you’re in NY, you really need to check this place out. There was some live music and a great energy that occupies the restaurant/bar. I think everyone here was happy due to the artichoke pizza.

From eating pizza to having a drink at the Dead Poet, we walked around the area a little bit more before driving to another location by the Hudson River, which happened to be in Long Island. The wind was bitingly cold. But the views made it worth it. I have a deep fascination to city lights and landscapes and this location allowed me to appreciate the NY skyline.

I think it was around 5 am where the three of us went to Halal guys. Why does Halal guys always taste so much better in the early morning!? I will never know the answer.

I was in and out of sleep during the car ride to the Brooklyn Bridge. I thought that we were going to go to the park. BUT, we actually went ON the bridge around 6 am in the morning. Tammi brought some great energy and she got me really excited to see the sunrise.

I have a deeper appreciation for sunrises now. It’s definitely more work to chase them, as opposed to catching sunsets.


We got back around 7 am in the morning in Bergenfield and we slept until 11 am. For lunch, Tammi and I drove to Mitsuwa in the Jersey side. Mitsuwa is a Japanese marketplace. They had an array of restaurants to choose from. I had some really great udon and roasted black sesame soft serve here. I’d definitey come back for this.


As I checked in my flight back to FLL, guess what happened again? Yup, another delay.


That wraps up my second installation for my 7x7x17 Travel Project. I want to give thanks to Tammi, Kuya Rob and Selani for an amazing weekend. I felt that I’m definitely not done with New York or New Jersey. I’m definitely going to be back. 

** Highlight video & recap vlog below! ** 




Happy Nurses week to my fellow RNs! Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month as well! Thanks for reading.


Safe travels,




Photos + Film: 

Sony a6300

Sigma 19mm f2.8 

Sony 35mm f1.4 

iPhone 6s 

Moment Lens Wide



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