DEN x 2017

This weekend definitely goes down in the books. From hiking in the Rockies, enjoying the views from Downtown, and completing an escape room, our group, bka the Squids, had enjoyed our mini trip.

After grabbing some homemade pho at Nam’s place, we went to to FLL to catch our 8:30 pm flight to Denver. We were flying with Spirit airlines, and to be honest we were all nervous. We’ve heard the horrible news and stories. Some of us are flying first time with Spirit, including me. We came prepared, we knew what we were dealing with — the non-reclinable, your butt’s gonna get pressure ulcer seats, tiny tables, and extra charges for everything.

The flight going to Denver wasn’t so bad. We made it and that’s all that matters.

After grabbing our rental cars and meeting up with Danielle, who came from Boston, we went to grab a late-night bite at a Mediterranean restaurant by University of Denver.

Wake up call was early. We rose with the sun and the cool midwestern winds. Everyone was filled with excitement to get the day going, as we have plans to hike at Rocky Mountain National Park.



After the hour & a half drive, plus multiple stops from Walmart and getting some booties & tracks, we finally made it – the Rockies. The air was nice and cold, the scenery was blanketed with the blinding white snow. It was perfect, especially coming from Florida’s harsh humidity and hot weather.



There we are, throwing snowballs, helping each other not to slip & fall in the snow, enjoying nature. When we finally reached our limits in hiking, we headed back and made our way to Boulder, CO. But prior to that, while we were eating lunch, I was finally able to get around and used my new Mavic Pro. I was really nervous for the flight. But after this experience, I gained more courage to reach higher altitudes.



We hit up another hiking trail in Denver called Chautauqua Trailhead. All six of us really enjoyed our time here. It was just really relaxing and peaceful! We even got to see two deers!



It was definitely a day full of activity and we really worked up our appetites. We ate dinner and had soju at a Korean restaurant. While driving around the city and waiting to enter a speakeasy, we discovered a great area to walk around Denver. When we found out the wait for the speakeasy was too long, we just decided to continue the night in the comfort of our hotel. And the rest of Saturday night, we’ll keep that to ourselves. 😉

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Before we knew it, we’re already on our final day in Denver. We woke up early again and had breakfast at Denver Biscuit Co.


Once our stomachs were filled with coffee (not Nam’s salty coffee) and biscuits, we went to Denver Aquarium. The fishermen within the group were ecstatic and we enjoyed feeding the stingrays in the end!

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After our adventures at the aquarium, we headed to the Union Station. Although the station offered numerous dining options, we ended up walking a street down to a burger place and then burning what we ate biking around the area!

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It was definitely a perfect day to ride a bike. I felt like a kid and we were all so carefree. Unfortunately, Danielle had to catch an earlier flight and was unable to come with us to do the Escape Room. Nonetheless, the Squids escaped! We had a blast doing this linear challenge. The escape room had a success rate of 12% and we made it. It was a thrilling experience. I loved that we all worked as a team to solve the puzzles!

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Time flew. After eating ramen, we went to the airport with high spirits. With great expectations, we were challenged by Spirit because they cancelled our flight…

Denver was definitely a great city to visit. The organization and cleanliness of it reminded me of Minneapolis. There was definitely some urban vibes. Some areas reminded me of a better version of Wynwood. The people there were definitely friendly.

I am so grateful and happy due to this trip. We all bonded and clicked. New friendships were formed and some forged stronger. Plus, I’m starting to become more aware of the nuances in the cities (more on this topic in the future).

Thanks for stopping by!

Until the next adventure, 



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