ORD x 2017 ft. Danielle

I’m finally able to take the time to review this month’s 7x7x17 trip to Chicago with my friend Danielle.

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It was my first time in the windy city of Chicago. I had the honor of going with Danielle. Throughout my travels this year, I’ve really tried my best to grow not only as a videographer, but as an individual as well. From giving up social media during Lent to developing my artistic style (probably will write about my 1-year reflection soon).

The biggest battle within me is, how do I satisfy the creative historian while still not being so attached to camera? How can I capture the moment while being IN the moment? After reflecting, I’ve realized that vlogging or the use of narration while filming really does take much of my time and not to mention memory card space. So, I’ve tried to really utilized the habit of “capture with purpose,” instead of capture as much as possible, sort it out later, or not use the clips at all.

As far as color correction, filming style, I’ve been watching much more cinematography styles and I tried my best to film and edit this way, but also making it very personal. I want the video to come alive, not just masked by heavy beat drops, crazy luma pop transitions and narration. The film should speak for itself.
See my Youtube video here:
What I love most about this trip was the easygoingness of my company. Wherever we went, there was sense of calm. There was no rush to hit up different locations. We had no specific itinerary and that lead to the feeling of spontaneity. We hit up Chicago360, the Cloud Gate, the Planetarium and the Aquarium within that weekend.
Our favorite eats were at Chicago Grinder Co. – definitely get the Pizza Pot Pie.
Another top fave on our eat list was Eleven City Diner  – grab their Challah French Toast and their Pastrami & Corn Beef Hash.

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But the best part about the trip was making relationships with new friends. We took a nap, cooked dinner and dessert at Melissa and Jordan’s apartment. And it really showed that the best part about traveling is the company. I was grateful that I’m able to connect with Danielle and Melissa (who I’ve never met in person before). This year I’ve been blessed to meet such amazing people who not only bring joy in my life, but also inspire me.

Thank you again to Danielle for traveling with me and being my number 6. I also want to give a special shout out to Melissa, Jordan and our other friends who’ve managed to squeeze some time to hang!


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Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset


Off to the next adventure, 


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