The Courage in Making a Decision

Looking through my “On This Day” memories on Facebook, and being that it is Throwback Thursday, I saw a picture of myself before my last nightshift as a PICU nurse. I am surprised by the difference of my day-to-day in 2016 compared to my day-to-day in 2017.

From waking up at 4 in the afternoon and eating my quick lunch/dinner on the way to work, mentally preparing my plan of action for the night, receiving report on my patients and proceeding to fulfilling the responsibilities of being a PICU nurse.

Here I am now, a year later, in my green-and-red-lit office listening to Christmas music going about my day – overseeing simulations, helping first year nursing students in the skills lab, assisting in the Center’s accreditation and research and writing my essays for graduate schools. My day would then proceed to me working out at the gym and packing for a weekend trip to Boston for fun and to take photos for a friend. Or prepping for my first wedding videoshoot after editing dance videos for friends.

It is definitely a different lifestyle, and I can honestly say I’m proud of where I am now and where God is leading me to be. And in that note…

This past month, I’ve had some questions about where is He calling me?

“Which grad school do I apply to?”

“Where will I go? Do I have to relocate?” 

“How will I be able to pay for school? Do I need to take out loans?” 

“Do I go part-time? Full-time? Where?”

… and more. It ultimately sums out to, “how do I make a decision?” 

This morning, I was scrolling down Facebook and I stumbled upon a video by Father Mike Schmitz on “Making Decisions.” ( Watch here!) And it was so appropriate and came in perfect timing.

He sums it out in four steps:

  1. Information gathering
  2. Seeking counsel & pray
  3. Act and move – test run
  4. Evaluate & Adjust

And reflecting back on the decisions I’ve made, I’m in step 2. I’ve gathered my data and I am continually seeking for counsel and praying. And in some decisions I am already on step 3.

What hit me the most about Ft. Schmitz video was his take on test-running.

“I’m testing it out. You know, that is simultaneously wise and courageous. It always takes courage to move, it takes wisdom to move well, but it takes courage to move at all.

 Ft. Mike Schmitz

My jaw dropped. Remember my theme for 2016 and 2017 – making moves and choose courage? Yes, exactly.

And here I am debating what my 2018 theme would bring and here it is presenting what I was called and needed to do – to move well with wisdom. Between the past two years I’ve learned how to move and choose courage. But how will I create a movement of love and compassion, within myself and others without wisdom?


I can’t wait to name my 2018 theme, still trying to find the inspiration to what I’ll be naming it.


Thanks for reading,

Jea C.


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